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The group investigates different dynamics, manifestations and dilemmas related to conceptualizing citizenship and civil society, as well as conducts critical analysis of the practices undertaken under the banner of "strengthening citizenship and civil society".

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The group builds on the concluded and ongoing research projects led by Kontinen and actively searches for new collaboration and funding opportunities in relevant fields. The current themes include:. The group arranges internal research seminars and coordinates working groups in relevant conferences. CitDe -research seminar on Friday 22nd February , at , L Updates in group members' projects.

Coordination of working group "New civil society spaces and their limits in the Global North and the Global South" in the Development Days Conference " Repositioning global development: changing actors, geographies and ontologies ", Finnish Society for Development Research, Helsinki Coordination of a working group "Civil society actors and transformative development? Coordination of a working group "Authoritarianism and civil society: Implications for organizing and mobilizing?

Alava, H. Amplifying polyphonic silences in northern Uganda. Suomen antropologi - Journal of the Finnish Anthropological Society , 44 1.

Development and Change. Christianity in Africa : Roman Catholicism.

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Chiang, A. Arondekar, M. Epprecht, J. The rise of emerging economies represents a challenge to traditional global power balances and raises the question of how we can combine sustainability with continued economic growth.

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Understanding this global shift and its impact on the environment is the paramount contemporary challenge for…. Edited by Keijiro Otsuka , Takashi Shiraishi. Why does a huge income gap still exist between developed and developing countries?

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Paperback — Routledge. Mohamed Salih.

This book illustrates that reductionist…. It offers a way of broadening our perspective, and recognizing that the most pressing threats to individuals do not come from…. Paperback — Routledge Routledge Humanitarian Studies. By Supriya Routh. Such a call by the ILO is urgent in…. By Erik Lundsgaarde.

The Role of the State in Development Processes

In spite of shared rhetorical commitments to tackling poverty worldwide, donors have varied considerably in their use of aid as an instrument for global poverty reduction. This book explains varied donor priorities by examining how societal actors, governmental actors, and the institutions that….

Edited by Leila M.

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Harris , Jacqueline A. Goldin , Christopher Sneddon. The litany of alarming observations about water use and misuse is now familiar—over a billion people without access to safe drinking water; almost every major river dammed and diverted; increasing conflicts over the delivery of water in urban areas; continuing threats to water quality from…. By Hannah Cross. People from West Africa are risking their lives and surrendering their citizenship rights to enter exploitative labour markets in Europe.

This book offers an explanation for this phenomenon that is based on close analysis of the contradictory economic and political agendas that create and constrain….

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Written by experts in their respective areas, this book is an excellent review of theories, policies and empirical evidences on important topics in global economic development. The book is both a superb teaching tool and a valuable handbook in development economics.

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The volume compiled 13 articles…. Edited by David Sanderson , Jerold S. Kayden , Julia Leis. Accelerating urbanization worldwide means more urban-centered disasters.