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If that sounds like pastiche, well, it is.

The Work of the Dead | Princeton University Press

Scruggs riffs on traditions, starting in winking fashion before growing steadily more grim. It also means that the Coens engage in some tropes without refuting them. All Native American characters are one-dimensional, scalping savages, faceless extras in a white man or woman's story. It's an unfortunate distraction, especially in something as elegiac as "The Gal Who Got Rattled," about a young woman Zoe Kazan who gains a modicum of independence only to be felled by her own fear.

The first was composed 25 years ago. They're just two morbid dudes.

Ballad of Buster Scruggs - Frenchman scene

It begins with an unlikely group of travelers in a stagecoach: A pious, snotty woman Tyne Daly ; a libidinous trapper Chelcie Ross ; and a gambling Frenchman Saul Rubinek. As the passengers share their histories on the way to a place known as Fort Morgan, their conversation becomes about the nature of humanity. As the sun sets, the coach is shrouded in an ominous dark blue that brings with it an unmistakable sense of dread. Eventually, the Irishman and the Englishman reveal their mission: They're "reapers" or "harvesters of souls. The coachman, shrouded in black, doesn't stop -- that is, until he gets to their lodging for the night.

It's at a midpoint; purgatory, if you will. The eternal chilliness of that ending pairs curiously with the first installment, where the cocky Buster meets his end at the hands of an upstart sharpshooter and gains literal angel wings, singing his way to heaven. Another parallel between those two: A Frenchman. All the bits have merits, and most have some nagging flaws -- the presence of James Franco is unfortunate, for instance.

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Let the Coens take you on funny, yet incredibly depressing, journey through a vicious land. Follow her on Twitter ezwrites. Share on Facebook Tweet this article Pin it Email. It was heartbreaking. They did a fantastic job bringing all the characters to life. Even the wagon boy Matt, though he hardly said a word, gave off the exact air you expected. I loved that Arthur went out of his way as he did for his friend. It showed that even though he was a man of few words, he cared. I can't even imagine the scenes that followed the end. I just realized that at the end, we only hear a single gunshot -- which can only mean poor Alice fired her shot at the exact same instant Mr.

Arthur fired his. Just an extra twist of the knife to enhance the tragic irony and larger-than-life quality of the whole film.

Arun Jaitley's mortal remains brought to BJP headquarters; ministers, leaders pay respect

Watching that scene again, this time knowing exactly how long Alice sat there trembling in fear and despair before making her peace with death about 9 seconds , it breaks my heart even more. Really really disappointed that it didn't have a happy ending : they were so good. Just watched it and it was like brutal poetry. The way everything comes together in the final scenes and you see the outcome of the decisions which led to that point, it's heartbreaking.

I think the dog was about to get shot when it ended. Oh that one really brought in the feels. I loved the chemistry between the characters so much. I feel so bad for Knapp also is it me or did Knapp look like a very whethered Tom Cruise!?

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Oh man, I kept expecting this to go in a bunch of different directions. Was she conning Mr. Would they end up a happy couple? Would Mr. Arthur turn on Knapp when he planned to leave? The whole time I didn't know where it would go but damn if I loved every minute of it. So awesome. This and the Tom Waits segment were my favorites. I'm glad I'm not the only person who found him and his character to be nothing but adorable.

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