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Once a person has converted to a religion, it is difficult to have a rational conversation about the irrational aspects of his religion. It is as though something invaded the person and took over a part of his personality. You can no longer talk to him directly. Instead, it seems as if communication is channeled through a religious being that lives inside of him. Well-rehearsed answers come out of his mouth.

Science fiction is full of examples of aliens taking over the minds and bodies of humans to further their own ends, but where did science fiction get the idea?

The God Virus : How Religion Infects Our Lives and Culture by Darrel W. Ray

Fact can be stranger than fiction. The rabies virus infects very specific neurons in the brain of the mammal host to create aggressive behavior. This induces the host to attack and bite animals it might otherwise avoid or ignore. The virus takes over the brain of the host for its own purposes without regard for the well-being of the host, who usually dies.

Sex and the God Virus - Darrel Ray

Imagine that a religion is a virus with its own unique mix of properties. Just as the HIV virus is different than a cold virus, both infect and take over the mechanisms of the body in ways that allow them to reproduce. Religions have five useful properties that are present in different degrees, including the ability to: 1.

Infect people. Create antibodies or defenses against other viruses. Take over certain mental AND physical functions and hide itself within the individual in such a way that it is not detectable by the individual. Use specific methods for spreading the virus. Program the host to replicate the virus. Every religion is more or less effective in each of these areas.

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Let us take a closer look at each of these properties. Virtually all religions rely upon early childhood indoctrination as the prime infection strategy.

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Other infection strategies include proselytizing, offering help and financial aid with strings attached, providing educational opportunities at religious institutions and many other approaches which we encounter frequently in the media and in daily exposure to religion. Childhood religious infection is so strong that it seems to have the power to create a permanent imprint in most people.

In their work with birds and other animals, they showed that many animals learn to identify their parents remarkably fast after birth. In a famous experiment with geese, they demonstrated that substituting a parent figure like a human led to imprinting on the substitute. After imprinting was complete with the substitute, they reintroduced the real parent goose.

To their surprise, the goslings could not be reprogrammed to follow the true parent; instead, they followed the substitute figure. This powerful and rapid learning is strong in many animals and appears to be non-reversible most of the time. Perhaps religious infection is similar.

Once a person has imprinted to a given religion, he does not easily change religions. The rituals, songs, ceremony, etc. Even an adult host who is not overtly religious can act as if the virus is alive and well in his brain. Inquire about religious beliefs, and the host will recite many of the doctrines he learned at age 5 or Just as the chicken pox virus continues to live quietly in the body after the disease is gone, the god virus may live quietly in the host until something evokes it.

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John Colaw: Hello, Neil. You mention the work of Zecharia Sitchin in regards to the tenth planet Nibiru and its inhabitants the Anunnaki, or Nefilim who genetically engineered us as a species from primitive Homo Erectus stock around , — , years ago in East Africa. What prevents people from considering this, to me, obvious evidence as to the truth of our past? A second reason is that the more intelligent of them realize well that his thesis calls into question not only their data but a fundamental assumption on which their disciplines are founded.

Sitchin says, just as the Sumerians said, that they were flesh and blood humanoids — and aliens to boot. It means that we must literally rethink the entire planet. We have an abundance of information and evidence that demonstrates the alien presence in general on this planet. The suppression of the entire topic by the government has severely retarded the academic and scientific communities, an artificial problem. We have as much or more evidence and information that we are half alien, a bicameral species brought about through Anunnaki alien genetic engineering.

But the suppression throughout western history by the Roman Church of that entire paradigm has created the other artificial problem for scholars and humans in general.

But it seems that there are not those among them, so far, who have the courage of military warriors like Robert O. Dean or Philip Corso, to risk pension, prosecution and persecution to speak out because they want the truth to prevail. In this massive, revolutionary volume of material, it would be amazing if there would be total agreement about details this early on.

Could you expand on that please? What is genetic enlightenment, and what is the GodSpell? Eventually, we became limited partners with them, a stable race, and are just coming out of a three thousand year traumatic transition from racial adolescence. But we were always subject to them and have been standing here looking up in the sky where they went when they phased off overtly heaven became in the sky where they went, hell became underground where you worked to your death in the gold mines looking for daddy to return to make everything right and tell us what to do again because we must have done something wrong to make them go away.

When we, individually and racially, become genetically enlightened, we are empowered to break the godspell and become our own independent race and, individually, to become our own person, our own evolutionary artist, ready to go one-on-one with the universe. Am I anywhere near the right page on that? It has been, however, a chief means of making us dependent on some fearful God and, therefore, on the Church which claims proprietary absolute interpretive mandate for what that God wants.

Genetic enlightenment shows us that we are all our own credentials, our own authorities, that we are really capable of determining the truth, knowing clearly, for ourselves, are not dependent on some authority for the truth. Because we have been literally invented and conditioned to the subservient godspell slave mentality and have been looking to the sky for the Anunnaki to return for so long, we put ourselves in a very vulnerable and dangerous position. If we continue to tend to look to anything or anyone coming from the sky for answers, solutions, rescue, salvation of any kind, we are in danger of getting Borged.

Genetic enlightenment and breaking the God Spell affords us two critical advantages: 1. A planet wide, consensual understanding and definition of what a generic human is and, therefore 2. A planet wide unity beyond any of the Babel factors from religion to race that have divided us and made us vulnerable.

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Whomever shows up here, we should meet as a united planetary race, confident in our own identity, of an unassailable integrity, with a mature caution that prompts us to demand credentials, statements of intention, a discretionary quarantine, and an exchange of essential information about customs from justicial protocols, to eating to sex.

We should be able to identify full humanoids from androids. It is certainly true that whoever shows up here will mostly certainly be more advanced technologically and could, if they wished, eat our lunch so to speak. The Anunnaki, however, although obviously capable of doing so from the beginning, have not done so.

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Clearly the various races that have come here and are here now, although gradually demonstrating that their technology could easily overwhelm or wipe us out, have not done so. Do we just wait for the old guard to die out as we educate the new generations? Or perhaps this eventual awakening is an inevitability that cannot be entirely prevented?

Neil Freer: The Roman Church, a continuation of the fear of the god, Enlil, type of subservient religion, came into ascendance by an alliance with and gradual assimilation of the Roman empire and adopting its muscular tactics. There was a fear that it would disrupt our entire society radically, even chaotically. He uses examples that anyone can relate to and gives real world guidance in how to deal with and respond to people who are religious among our families, friends and coworkers.

Add to Cart. Overview Dawkins, Hitchens, Harris and Dennett opened the door to a hard nosed look at religion in our society but no one seemed to be using their concepts to explain the psychology of religion and its practical effects on people. Download Now! Register a free 1 month Trial Account. Download as many books as you like Personal use Cancel the membership at any time if not satisfied.

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