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Dragon Trees

Botanists styled it Draco arbor until , when Linnaeus renamed it Dracaena draco. Towards the end of the 15th century, Northern European painters and printmakers began planting D. Better-known and painted slightly later is the flowering specimen that Bosch placed prominently beside Adam in Eden, in the left panel of The Garden of Earthly Delights.

Probably, the dragon tree was included in these pictures due to its ancient association with the Middle East.

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A date palm was usually illustrated near it, so sustenance was paired with healing, both God-given, paradisiacal. However, all such instances are identifiably D.

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By the s, D. A century later, it was a prized rarity in Northern Europe, where gardeners learnt to bring it indoors for the winter. In Britain, it eventually proved a glasshouse stalwart. Currently a young Dragon tree grows in the same garden and in the same place the old one used to have.

This new Dragon tree will grow and new chronicles about the trees of the La Orotava Valley will be written.

Treatments - The Dragontree

House of Franchy. It is a centenary Dragon tree of great botanical interest that gives name to this architectural complex of traditional style.

Dragon Fruit Planting Experiment Dragon Fruit Garden

Experts calculate its age in more than two centuries - perhaps the oldest one of those who live in La Orotava - and whose state of health can be considered as more than acceptable. After the demolition of the convent of San Jose in , the space occupied by its orchards, was converted into a garden-nursery for the La Orotava Botanical Garden.

In the enclosure was delimited and, at the beginning of the 20th century, a wrought iron gate of eclectic design was placed, with its outstanding access door from where you can see the magnificent dragon tree specimen located at the entrance of the garden.

The Dragon tree grove. The accentuated drop between the square and Rosales street gave rise to the creation of municipal gardens with several specimens of dragon trees. It is considered one of the most beautiful ones in La Orotava, due to its well-structured and balanced bearing. It is apparently healthy, since it does not present scars.

Dragon Tree

It is located at the back of some buildings you will find on the north side. This promenade also counts with araucarias that embellish it. Property with a stone platform and a staircase attached to its facade, by its main door. In its garden there is a magnificent specimen of dragon tree that can also be observed from Viera street. A number of factors amount of substance ingested, size of the animal, allergies, etc.

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