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In the case of smaller children, the face is nearer to the dog. More than 35 percent of the bites received by children in the St. Louis study (6) were face bites.

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Coronation Street spoilers: Emma's mum Fiona Middleton returns tonight | Metro News

She has a hugely generous heart, is very smart, and a much better writer than I am. It must have been a difficult time to be a woman in Hollywood when you were beginning your career. Did you encounter any of the kind of men we hear about now? Happily, no. I think people respected that, and honestly, I was so damn busy.

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I was very, very fortunate in that way. Not in my youth, but certainly more as I grew older.

Remember Rachel's daughter in Friends? This is what the twins who played her look like now

Were you surprised in recent years to hear the extent of these casting couch stories and related allegations? Well, obviously I had heard about them.

Rumors fly around, as you well know. So no—not surprised. More than that, I think with the way life was unfolding in general I write in the book about Charlie Manson and that terrible moment when we all realized we were living with this madman that was careening around Los Angeles doing terrible, terrible things to people.

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Circling back to the writing process: Did you go back and watch all of your films to jog your memory? We did watch most of the movies together—Emma and I reacquainted ourselves with them.

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I love picturing you having a Julie Andrews movie marathon What did you think when watching your films? But nevertheless, there were certain instincts that were true and genuine when one was younger The research was great—it helped remind one of many little, tiny details, which I might not have written about otherwise. I mean, I did two movies about sort of a nanny, almost back-to-back, and it is certainly one of the reasons that I was happy to do the Americanization of Emily in between.

But the truth is that image comes about as a result of a success of something. In other words, when you think of Clark Gable, you probably instantly think of Gone with the Wind, because it was so huge. It was the success of those films that could have been daunting, but I did try to choose different things at different times. Is there anything in particular you hope people take away from Home Work? I hope they find it enjoyable.

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Explore Now. Buy As Gift. Overview A larger-than-life novel of Faith and Love — America. Journey through birth, death and life with true events in the lives of three families who helped each other with laughter, love and devotion. Emma and her family withstood tragedy with a strong, underlying faith in God to see them through. The Financial Panic in America was the motivator for the Smallwoods to pull up roots and travel west.

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The romances and marriages, the trials and tribulations of these real people bring laughter, tears and a heart-warming experience. Product Details About the Author. She is the mother of four grown children and eleven fabulous grandchildren. She has travelled extensively to deliver the Gospel message of faith and life and probably will never retire.

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