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Both the gold I chloro- and thiosugar-substituted phospholes interact with DNA albeit more weakly for the latter. However, treatment with GoPI-sugar did not significantly alter redox parameters in the brain tissue of treated animals. This might be due to compensatory upregulation of redox-related enzymes but might also indicate that the antiproliferative effects of GoPI-sugar in vivo are rather based on DNA interaction and inhibition of topoisomerase I than on the disturbance of redox equilibrium. Since GoPI-sugar is highly effective against glioblastomas and well tolerated, it represents a most promising lead for drug development.

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A novel of crime and murder by Laura Shepherd Robinson

Jun 03, Khanh, first of her name, mother of bunnies rated it really liked it. I have yet to see that theory proven. This was a beautiful, sweet, heartbreaking book. I feel like the blurb is a horrible one, the premise of a fat Puerto-Rican-Polish girl. The description makes the main character feel like a caricature, and this book is much more than that.

It's not the type of book I usually favor, but I'm so glad I gave this a shot. The main character's name is Sugar. She is severely obese. She has been this way her entire life. She is used to constantly being belittled, berated, mocked. Little girls are not made of sugar and spice and everything nice.

Little boys are not made of snips and snails and puppy dog tails. Children can be little assholes when given the opportunity. Children are cruel, their honesty is not always the innocence of youth, but the deliberate intention to hurt.

They are like packs of predators. They will zoom in on the weakest for an easy kill, and always, always, for her entire life, Sugar has been the prey among her peers , from early childhood to beyond.

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Not surprisingly, she has no close friends. The only friendship she has a a highly doubtful, largely one-sided one. I long for something sweet. Sugar's life is anything but sweet. It is truly, truly awful. Her mother is bedridden due to her own obesity, but that doesn't prevent her from physically and mentally abusing her only daughter. Forcing Sugar to eat until Sugar can't even recognize her own hunger signals anymore, then mocking her for being fat, despite her own size.

Dark thoughts crash through my mind. I see Mama, when she was still able to get around, feeding me fried chicken and mashed potatoes topped with half a stick of butter along with gravy and mayo. I downed it with a liter of soda. I ate until I felt like I was going to throw up. All the while, she watched, working through her own plate.

I see myself over the years, mindlessly eating, filling my belly until it ached. Her brother, Skunk, is even worse. His physical abuse of her and her endurance of it was painful to read. He pushes her. Shoves her. Mocks her. He, too, is fat, but kids don't make fun of him because of his size because he is a bully everywhere, at school and at home.

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It's a double standard that is only too painfully obvious to Sugar. What's the result of all this abuse and stress. Sugar eats away her pain. She eats to forget.

Sugar: The Bitter Truth

I ignore it, not wanting to talk to anyone at the moment. I frost the cupcakes, taking a few careful, but generous, licks off the knife. My tongue still stings from the burn earlier. My mouth itches from the sweet pudding and frosting. Guilt creeps in as I survey the kitchen. Empty plastic cups and a cellophane bag with a hand-sized wrinkle from where I clutched it litter the counter.

Sugar Run: A Novel (Paperback)

The discarded wrappers and empty cylinder of frosting stand like ruins. Regret submerges me like sludge. I press my palms to the side of my head, wanting out—out of this body, this town, away, away, away. I think we've all been here. I know I have.

Sugar Baby - Novel Updates

A stressful day of work turns into eating an entire tub of cookie doughand then some. Then the guilt and self-hatred creeps in. Sugar is no different. She hates herself for her weakness, but as any stress-eater will tell you, it's impossible to stop. The eatingit's not the result of hunger at all, but the desire to fill something missing from within.

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The little tower of chocolate cookies begs me to eat it, so that I can feel the soft give in my mouth as I bite down. Her life is joyless until she meets Ever, who sees her for who she really is, the girl, the spirit that nobody sees, that everyone dismisses based on her appearance. Humans are shallow creatures at heart. No matter how we strive to be fair, most of us DO judge based on appearance. Sugar suffers from this prejudice, and it is Even who first sees what nobody else does.