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A thin thread pulls the the witch, the demon, the monster, the magician through history.

Some of these figures are found in single archival references, some are part of the canon, but there seems to be no end of these intellectual curiosities and, as such, these topics continue to fascinate. Some scholars work exclusively in these fields, others are enthralled in hunting down one sensational reference, but there are few venues dedicated to giving voice to their interrogation.

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Preternature fills an important scholarly niche, embracing the advantages of a broad geographic scope and interdisciplinarity to explore some of the dark corners of scholarly and popular discourses. Preternature is an interdisciplinary forum for the study of the preternatural as seen in magics, witchcraft, spiritualism, occultism, prophecy, monstrophy, demonology, and folklore. The journal embraces a broad and dynamic definition of the preternatural, since the very categories of magic, religion, and science are open and active registers that the journal strives to explore, contextualize, and challenge.

Book Ostling, Michael Between the devil and the host: imagining witchcraft in early modern Poland. Ostling, Michael Where've all the good people gone?

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Thinking continuity and change with fairies and demons. In Michael Ostling Ed. Imagined crimes, real victims: hermeneutical witches and Jews in early modern Poland. In Eugene M.

Preternature: critical and historical studies on the preternatural.

Ostling, Michael and Kounine, Laura Introduction: 'Unbridled Passion' and the history of witchcraft. Speaking of love in the Polish witch trials.

A Polish Trial for Witchcraft at Lublin, In Brian Levack Ed. Witchcraft in Poland: milk and malefice.

In Brian P. Levack Ed. Ostling, Michael Hierarchy and pluralism: living religious difference in Catholic Poland.

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  6. Slavic Review , 76 3 : - Ostling, Michael The witches' ointment: the secret history of psychedelic magic. Magic, Ritual, and Witchcraft , 12 2 : - Ostling, Michael Introduction to the special issue how and why do witches fly?

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    Magic, Ritual, and Witchcraft , 11 1 : 1 - 5. Ostling, Michael Babyfat and belladonna witches' ointment and the contestation of reality. Magic, Ritual, and Witchcraft , 11 1 : 30 - These publications were rich with visual material that begs comparison with caricature drawings. See published article for illustrations.

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