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Sharp, himself an active choral conductor, researcher, and writer, has varied his career with executive positions in higher education, recording, and publishing. His research and writing focuses pedagogically in conducting and score analysis, and various published essays betray his eclectic interests in regional music history, acoustics, creativity, innovation, and aesthetics.

Tim Sharp January 10, at PM. Newer Post Older Post Home. Subscribe to: Post Comments Atom. View My LinkedIn Profile.

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About Me Paul Carey View my complete profile. Subscribe To Posts Atom. Comments Atom. We Got 'em Here! Born in Montreal, Lydie Dubuisson is a playwright, a storyteller, a singer, a director and a dramaturge. She graduated from Concordia University in Theatre and Development. Lydie has worked as a vocal director at Purple Dragon Theatre and she was a musical theatre performer with the 42nd Street Theatre in Montreal.

Her writing and storytelling are an expression of her observations. Her haitian heritage and gospel background are interwoven with her reflexion on intersectionality among other post colonial realities. Lydie is now working as a dramaturge and director on a play called Anacoana, written by Maryline Chery. Sophie El-Assaad is a visual and theatre artist. She moved from Bahrain to Montreal to pursue painting and sculpture and fell for theatre along the way.

She has worked as a display coordinator for Anthropologie, designing their windows and store displays. A in Communications studies. Their work centers on identity politics, and the intersections of race, gender, and sexuality. A freelance writer, she is a columnist for her local paper and has written a book on a Vermont historian which is coming out this year.

She blogs at wisdomwithinink. Susan Bennett- Armistead — Read it again! Read it again! This talk will focus on the many benefits of read aloud for young children and also make recommendations for maximizing the experience, addresses common challenges families have, and offers suggestions for turning read aloud into the best time of a family's day.

Oh, and there's a read aloud! How to Write the Story That Brings You Audiences and Jobs — Marketing is, first of all, communicating with people who are hungry for what you offer—and letting them know that you offer it. What if you knew a simple pattern for creating an honest story that would help your ideal customers -- your ideal audience and jobs -- imagine how you can benefit them? As it happens, I have used such a pattern successfully for decades.

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In , Doug Lipman was a struggling teacher of troubled adolescents. He had given up connecting with them when one day, by accident, he found himself telling them a story. They responded! Ever since, he has pursued the power of storytelling. Over the years, in addition to writing award-winning books on storytelling, Doug has traveled the world performing, coaching, and training others to tell, to teach others, and to make their livings doing what they love. When at home, he creates online, written, and recorded instruction. Women's Writing Circle WWC : Using Expressive Writing in Sacred Circle — Gathering in circle, we will free write from a series of quotes, poetry, and positive psychology prompts as an entry point to explore emotions, themes, personal histories, shared truths, joy, grief, shame, and those things that matter most to us in our hearts.

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We will then share and listen, inviting each participant to be courageous, vulnerable and compassionate truth-tellers and witnesses to others' personal stories. She has facilitated dozens of WWCs to senior citizens, adults, college students, and teenagers in multiple settings.

Jen is a graduate of Boston University B. Ed and is currently working towards a PhD at Lesley University. Psychodramatic tools are marvelously creative and can be applied with dynamic results in 1 writing workshops 2 therapeutic relationships, and 3 in the development of your own writing. No background in psychodrama is necessary and 1.

Kelly DuMar , M. Her poems are published widely in literary journals and her plays are published by dramatic publishers. Her website is kellydumar. Songwriting: The Inspiration and Acrobatics of Language — Martin shares insights and processes that lead to the creation of his quirky, one-of-a-kind songs which gain national recognition and awards for their originality. Part concert, part discussion, part hands-on exploration of language, inspiration, songwriters 'filters' and the prosody which makes songs SING!

No songwriting experience necessary. He began composing songs for church choir and theater productions, majored in theater and helped start a company in Atlanta, but eventually returned to singing and songwriting.

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He toured 8 years as part of a duo, and finally moved to Maine to begin his solo career, winning regional and national acclaim. Host of a local TV concert series for 9 years, Martin is recognized for his arts-in-education songwriting in the classroom programs, family campfire sing-alongs, improvisational singing workshops and original concerts of award-winning songs. Tonia Pinheiro is a warm, highly creative improvisational actor, singer, sound healer, group facilitator, ceremony leader, and author.

She has a relentless enthusiasm for catalyzing shifts in perception, conscious awareness and inner healing through the use of sound and vibrational medicine. She has led numerous experiential groups and is committed to social healing by engaging and empowering people through holistic improvisation and other creative self-expressions. Drinking from the Well of Laughter: Laughter Exercises — Like a drink of fresh, cool water, laughter soothes the body, mind and soul. Join the fun of relaxation techniques, informed play, and the joy of effectively breathing for the child's heart in all of us.

Exercises are offered to energize and enhance your own, personal health practices.

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Become a more resilient human bean smile, you sweet pea, you! Interspersed with narratives from her story, "I Shall Go Singing," spoken against a recorded backdrop of original vocal sketches, the presentation offers listeners live performances of original songs, rounds, and sound puzzles inspired by birdsong. Deb's story offers insight into how deep attention to sound and song in the natural world promotes access to one's own ancestral, spontaneous, innate, and amazing natural voice, as well as a deeper understanding of ecological literacy, place, and identity.

Also a member of the Improvox Improvisational Music Collective, www. Projects include workshops with Katey Branch, Brio! Besides singing she loves playing with paint, hiking, reading, birding, sailing, flying and playing outside along the Maine coast where she lives with her husband Jonathan. What a Composer Hears and Sees: Sharpening Your Musical Sight — Without using words, instrumental music communicates deep emotions, tells stories, creates imagery, and helps us learn about other perspectives and cultures.

If we allow ourselves to listen deeply, we will be amazed by the rich landscapes and layers of meaning that music evokes in our imaginations. Wytold helps participants better hear and understand musical meaning by composing music together as a group no experience required!

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Throughout the workshop, Wytold weaves his own blend of classical technique and contemporary rhythms on the six-string electric cello, which has been featured in film, theater, dance, TEDx, and with the National Symphony Orchestra. Wytold plays the six-string electric cello with a live-looping blend of classical inspiration, contemporary rhythms and jazz improvisation. He has performed his original work for several years with the National Symphony Orchestra, as a featured presenter at TEDx Foggy Bottom, on stage accompanying live theater and contemporary dance, and in the score of the Sundance award-winning film Blood Brother.

In addition, Wytold regularly leads educational workshops in DC-area schools and at Walter Reed Military Hospital and Fort Belvoir, helping students of all ages and backgrounds better understand and express themselves through music. All welcome. Contact improv is a form of improvised dance that started in Ohio at Oberlin College in and has now spread all around the world. It is dramatically inclusive, welcoming people of all ages and physical abilities. Many people think of Contact Improv as acrobatic, but it can also be playful, simple, sensuous, or theatrical.

Founding director of physical improv theatre company, True Story Theater, since Making Friends with a Poem — Can a poem be like a friend to call on when you need guidance, focus, comfort, or a new way of seeing? How to make friends with a poem? Try spending enough time with it to learn it by heart—which is the custom for ordinary folk in places like Iran and Afghanistan. Hear how a poem takes on life when it is recited by heart, from the heart—rather than read aloud or silently.

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