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In the case of smaller children, the face is nearer to the dog. More than 35 percent of the bites received by children in the St. Louis study (6) were face bites.

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Current Promotions. David Jeremiah. At the end of the two-hour demo, this was how far the painting was resolved. At this point, my biggest dissatisfaction was the dark blue area under the beard. As you can see, there was enough of the eye placement and nose to not have to start from a blank slate.

My husband the subject was not happy that I had erased the original face as he liked it and told me not to "mess it up!

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If it resulted in losing a so-so painting, I was okay with that. Basically, it is only a piece of paper.

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The only thing lost is a few hours and a little paint. For the next week, I worked on the painting and struggled mostly with getting the nose painted in a way that I could accept. I must have wiped out and repainted that area 25 times! I wish I had actually tallied the attempts.

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Posted by Myrna Wacknov at PM 8 comments. I loved the fluid lines of the body and the beautiful shapes. I was also happy that the digital marks were working in my favor. I deleted a lot of my efforts this time. I am already at maximum capacity. Next time, I will purchase the largest amount of memory available. It is amazing how quickly it seems to get filled up! The forward leg should be slightly longer and the head slightly smaller. The length of the pose doesn't allow for making these corrections but it is all just practice, anyway.

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Part of the experience is learning to judge these things as accurately and quickly as possible. Still trying to master it. I think I am getting closer to controlling the shapes and creating lines. I was happy with the foot on this one. These drawing sessions are a wonderful opportunity to draw different body shapes.

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Last week the model was compact, very muscular and had very round shapes. This model was long in the torso, more angular and elongated lines. Next week I think we will have a male model. We have room for more artists to join us, so I hope some of you will drop in and give it a try. Posted by Myrna Wacknov at PM 2 comments. I just saw this image and loved the interesting face and intricate finger pattern. When someone told me who it was, I put it away because I wasn't interested in doing known people.

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It has been buried in my stash of paintings. I finally reorganized that storage area and unearthed the painting. I wonder what he is thinking?


I found the Pencil stylus zoomed over the glass and was not pleased with the out-of-control feeling so I changed the drawing tool for the next one to the vector setting and played with that for the quick gesture drawings shown below. Vector drawings are fun but different strategies have to be employed. I was working very quickly and didn't take the time to correct and change lines and shapes I didn't like. I will be practicing a lot with this tool until I can control it.

It has lots of potential. This vector drawing is better but not there yet! This one turned out interesting but more a lucky accident than intentional. Total Mess! Getting better at producing a line quickly! Someday I will get the feet in! I am not sure these are in order. Mixed bag of control and poor shapes. Once we got to 5 and minute poses, I switched to brush mode and pen line. Definitely, volume then line. I am fairly pleased with this drawing.

Explored color with a longer pose. Fortunately, her skin tone and the ink were not so contrasting as to lose the form of the muscles. One model at a session I attended had an entire peacock in color over her entire back! I tried some different brush modes. This one was like a pencil. Too far away to get a good likeness but fun to play with. I did some negative painting to establish the outer contours of her turban. This one appears out of order of drawing.

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Working on volume shading. This was the last pose of the day. Starting to feel I was in control a little more. Like most of this one. The session had 7 people attending the first week. This week we had 10! Posted by Myrna Wacknov at PM 1 comments. It has been a long time since I have had the opportunity to draw from a live model and it was a treat!!

I am excited that we will be having a 3-hour session every Friday for 10 weeks to start and I hope it is popular enough to continue on after that. We had seven artists for the first session. Most have studios in the building but it is open to anyone who would like to participate. If you live in the area and are interested, contact me.