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There really is no shortage of inspiration and motivation there! The problem is after reading the article instead of feeling inspired and motivated, I feel defeated. Most of those cleaning and decluttering plans call for a large amount of time in a relatively short span.

The Secret to a Clean and Organized Home

While decluttering and deep cleaning are parts of the challenge, the heart of it is to really create a haven in your home. Every Sunday I will share the assignment for the week, along with the progress and reflection from the previous week. So all you have to do is come here to the blog every Sunday afternoon.

Loads of Packing Tips for Moving House

Some weeks it might be a deep cleaning task, some weeks it might be a decluttering task, some weeks it might be a challenge to help you create a space you love, and some weeks it might be a combination of a few different challenges. The main focus is about creating a haven at home by creating spaces that reflect the atmosphere we wish to emulate at home. Some weeks we may creatively redecorate or design a new space by shopping our own home or using frugal and creative tips to repurpose old pieces.

Let’s start with what I absolutely love about Marie’s book.

And then some weeks we may only clean or declutter existing spaces. The goal for the Week Home Project is to have a home that is not only more organized but also runs with more purpose and intention and just feels more peaceful and calm. Do you know worship happens in your home every single day?

Technically we are entering into the second week of the year so I really should have posted this last Sunday, but life happened. So here we are one week into the challenge. Last week my main focus at home was to pack away all the Christmas decorations and organize my kids new toys, along with purging some old ones.

The Best Way to Clean Your House

For the rest of us, we will move on to project 2 below. Our first official project for the Week Home project is an easy one but one that is desperately needed… take inventory and organize your cleaning supplies. Are your cleaning supplies organized and housed in one location for easy use? Or are they scattered throughout the house making if difficult for you to even find them? Start the year on the right foot by organizing the supplies and tools you use to clean your home. Week One :: Put away all Christmas Decorations. Week Three :: Hall Closet Organization. Week Seven :: Linen Closet Organization.

Week Eight :: Grace Week. Week Eleven :: Kitchen Pantry Organization. Week Twelve :: Recipe Organization. Week Thirteen :: Meal Planning More to come soon! This list will be updated all year long as we count down to weeks of home organization and making a haven at home. You can read my disclosure policy here. Thanks for supporting CHK! Plus, when you join the Creative Home Keeper community you will join over 5, other women just like YOU who are becoming equipped to create a Christ-centered home and are transforming their hearts towards homemaking once and for all!

I like this idea, and will participate as much as I can. Currently we are in a transitional period in our lives — living in a small two bedroom rental, house hunting. I think it is a good idea to inventor and organize cleaning supplies. I use products from a French based company that are nontoxic, safe and mostly uses water. My plan is once we have a house is to have a small cleaning supply stash in each bathroom in our house.

I think this will help me to have a more clean, happy and organized home and not worry about doing a checklist everyday or clean a different room in our home everyday etc. I am not seeing the additional weeks since week three. Can you provide a link? Sorry about that Kathy, I just updated it now and have added a reminder to my calendar to do that every Sunday!

Four Weeks to a More Organized Home: Office and Living Room - No Getting Off This Train

Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. For others, it's scattered on shelves, nightstands, and floors throughout their home. Make your bookcases functional and pleasing to the eye by ordering books by height or color for a less cluttered, more cohesive look per organizing expert Jeffrey Phillip's recommendation.

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Take a note from the fashion experts to make your mornings so much easier. By placing clothes and their coordinating accessories on streamlined velvet hangers, you'll be able to fit more in your closet, no matter the size. This space-saving organizer holds up to six purses or backpacks, and easily hangs right in your closet.

Whether you have designated shelves, shoe boxes, or a cluster of shoes at the bottom of the closet, organizing shoes heel to toe can maximize your space and give you a better look at the assortment of colors, toe styles, and heel heights. You love 'em, we love 'em, but your kitchen counter doesn't. Instead of keeping every magazine you've ever read, Phillip suggests cutting out recipes, workouts, or cleaning tips, and recycling the rest. His recommendation: Recycle anything older than two months — unless you haven't read it yet, of course.

Although paperless receipts are slowly but surely becoming the norm, there are still plenty of retailers and restaurants that give out the paper kind. Once uploaded, you can categorize receipts and easily find them on the searchable server. Protect your kids and pets from power strips by storing them inside a wooden cable organizer. If your kid's playroom doesn't have a hula hoop, then you need to get one ASAP. Here's why: "Put a hula hoop on the floor and challenge your kids to pick up everything inside the ring and return it to its proper place.

Keep filling it with toys until the floor is completely clear," says Josel. You can even pick up a couple of them and designate each ottoman for a specific kid or toy type.

Join Me! A Ten Week Organizing Challenge for Your Entire House

Remember: Your garage is actually made for storing cars, not stuff. Install pulley-style systems for bulky items that you don't use everyday like ladders and bikes. The Key to Having an Organized Home. Presented by. Use the freed-up bookshelf space to display other decor or slide in a storage cube to store toys and other nonessential items. More than I love decorating, even more than I love baking, this is it friends…there is just nothing that makes me smile more than organization! It just makes me happy!

How to Declutter Your House in 30 Days: Simplify Your Life

An organized, efficient kitchen is the best! I can't even explain it, but I have a feeling there are some of you that get it. I have been wanting to put my baking station together ever since we did the remodel. I finally took the time to do it since I've been baking more. It really does make a difference…Now I feel like I can start baking some of joannagaines recipes and really do them justice! If you don't have a lazy Susan, get a lazy Susan already.

You won't find a better way to organize all those spices. Sports bottles are the worst, right? They come in so many different sizes, and you never really know where to put them — not to mention they fall over all the time. Tiny bit of Easter in the kitchen. Have a snack stack! Place a tiered basket on your counter and toss healthy snacks in it for easy access.