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Lennon is employed. It seems he has no immediate inclination of his wife's activities or the interpersonal disputes between his employees. But he is still one sly ublyudok motherfucker. There might be a method to his madness. Borsheck: Same age as her husband. She Dresses well and has expensive jewelry. Thinks and acts like a woman half her age. She is heavily made up and still looks The ultimate Fag Hag.

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Alexi orchestrated an alleged serendipitous meeting with Johnny Johnston, the messenger boy at the store. Alexi has garnered all this information about the dynamics of the store by plying the young talkative boy with alcohol at the local pub. This is a strange situation.

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Alexi's interception of the mail of all involved shows that Mr. Lennon and Miss Thomas are unknowingly involved in an anonymous romantic relationship with each other. This is all arranged through a Pennysaver Newspaper Lonely Hearts section. It is conducted via the mail. The two lovebirds refer to each other using pseudonyms. But there is one slight, but a perverted twist. Leonard is pretending to be a woman and Jane is pretending to be a man. They are at the point in their relationship where they both want to meet each other.

Alexi can't figure out why they are continuing this masquerade. Are they both homosexuals or just victims of the decadent capitalist devolution of social norms? He marvels at the effect the decedent American culture has had of Leonard. Their letters are forwarded to each of them by the newspaper. Alexi discovers the exchange has been ongoing since last year. Both have saved each letter they have received. The letters have been found and read by Alexi.

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Alexi now has to plan his method of terminating the existence of Mr. His mandate is to utilize a manner which will not arouse suspicion of the local authorities about Leonard's past as a Russian sleeper agent. Alexi has many ways of doing this in the bag of tricks he smuggled into the United States. For maximum creativity, Alexi is considering setting up an elaborate plan that would make one of the two other employees at the shop a suspect in the murder of Mr.

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Quite a challenge in the art of manipulation. The sexually perverted US postal relationship will only enhance the plan. But Alexi is torn. He believes he should plan to have Leonard slowly die a painful and prolonged death. Leonard deserves it because he went dark during the height of the Cold War.

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Leonard is nothing more than a Trotsky Proxski Trotsky Proxy. Having a perverted American blamed for killing Leonard would be the ultimate of satisfaction to defile the western capitalists. A slow torturous murder-suicide would be difficult, but not impossible to stage.

Of course, this involved scenario would require permission from Moscow. BUT , Alexi feels that if he acts without permission, it would show he has the initiative to move on up the food chain instead of being put out to pasture. The FSB may promote Alexi to a higher level in the arcane world of the Russian espionage establishment.

This, in lieu of shit canning him to retirement. But there was also the risk they could remove him for disobeying the original plan. This failure to comply would lead to skipping a normal retirement and either joining the work camps in Siberia or immediate death by two shots behind his right ear. Alexi will orchestrate the entire event to make the murder look not so gory and sensational, but have somewhat of a prolonged agony.

Though moderating it to be a bit original, it is now not as involved as he would have desired it to be. He's walking that thin line with FSB. Alexi intercepts more mail and sets up a meeting at a lonely area at The Morton Arboretum. Both accept cross invitations and the initial stage is set. Jane and Leonard will both be found hanging from a tree Alexi has selected. It will be a homosexual murder-suicide prompted by each victims discovery of the others true sex.

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I seem to favor outstanding performances, possibly due to hearing so much BAD piano, but there are other factors, too. Let Her Go by Passenger.

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Food for Thought. Waiting at a stoplight, I amused myself by watching a guy saunter down the opposite sidewalk. He wore camouflage pants and was bow-legged as if he rode a motorcycle. When smoke blew into his eyes, his chin lifted with an attractive, alfa-male defiance. He seemed bemused, pleased with himself.

Murray Newsletter - October 15, 2014

I felt sure he was thinking about the night before, and it made me smile. What matters is that I was deliberately listen. What an amazing turnout for an Honorable Mention award for genre fiction. Thanks for being here. Mission accomplished! I kept her scant remaining belongings in boxes in my office to sift through at my leisure. These were the things that she never let go, so they would be clues to what mattered to her most. Naturally, sheet music predominated—her fellow nursing-home residents enjoyed her at the keyboard right up until her final illness.

There were family photos, of course, and notebooks from special trips.

Thinning The Turkey Herd (Jimmy Flannery Mysteries Book 4)

Going independent—lots of authors are doing it, and now I have, too. It was not an easy decision, complicated by the lucky fact that my track record—seven cozy mysteries put out by a major NY publisher—still garnered interest from agents and editors. There's a problem loading this menu right now. Get fast, free delivery with Amazon Prime.

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  • Books By Donna Huston Murray. Usually ships within 1 to 3 months. He was jailed for six months. The society will help point them in the right direction. However, some get frustrated when they are told records simply do not exist. Records also throw up a lot of information about social history and the realisation that poverty, alcohol, drugs and violence often underpinned as many crimes as they do today. She was obviously an alcoholic.