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The author skillfully develops the story to give a vivid picture of life during those times. Doppio giallo Don Giovanni. A double detective story Firenze: During their investigations at the opera house the both discover strange parallels between the plot of the opera and the life of the singers. Reality and fiction are so interwoven that in the end they prove to be inseparable, and even the case remains shrouded in mysterious darkness.

Il cerchio magico The Magic Circle Milano: As a result Rick's mother, the she-wolf, is killed and the boy is forced to enter the aggressive world of human beings.

With its well-constructed plot and welldrawn characters, the story's setting seems very realistic and plausible. I nuovi ottagoni; The main characters are spelling, pronunciation, syntactical and grammatical mistakes, which experience adventures within various puns. While ignoring the school standards of proper speech and writing, lingustic knowledge is subtly conveyed, letting children realize that it is possible to play and have fun with words.

The book's aesthetically pleasing design presents the puns with extraordinary charm.

The bright and expressive illustrations, some using lettering and collage techniques, employ strong contrasts in line and color. Nursery rhymes and verses Roma: Nuove Edizioni Romane, Nuova biblioteca dei ragazzi; The book makes pleasant and light-hearted reading sustained by amusement and poetry, smile and memory. The alternating color and black-and-white illustrations scan the rhyming couplet's rhythm, suggesting new graphic inventions. Un coniglio nel cappello A rabbit in the hat Trieste: Le letture; ISBN Appearance - Social expectations - Only child - Friendship Twelve-year-old Silvia is too tall and too slim, has red hair and a freckled nose, and what's more she is an only child.

But Silvia has many friends, including one with an enviable family of many children where she spends a lot of time. One day Silvia meets a friendly old magician and from that moment on her life is filled with adventures, unexpected events and new acquaintances. The tale brings out children's difficulty of accepting their physical differences and shows a way to overcome problems of communication, especially with adults. He tells about its maritime tradition Genoa was one of four Italian maritime republics , its legendary heroes, the architecture of its noble palaces and cultural festivals.

He takes the reader on an enchanting walk through the ancient atmosphere of its streets, in search of the city's soul, which reveals itself in the intimate relationship with the sea. Blue prevails over all other colors in expressing the pervasive water of the sea that shapes the city's identity. In the illustrations Luzzati lavishes his enchanting chromatism and mastery of scene-settings to give a constituent lightness to the cityscape. His endless imagination lets him combine every possible kind of graphic technique.

Fiabe e favole della tradizione indiana The stone elephant.

LA SCIMMIA E IL COCCODRILLO - Storie Per Bambini - Favole Per Bambini - Fiabe Italiane

Tales and legends from India Milano: As usual, the anthology is supplemented by a documentary appendix consisting of concise and easily understood information and maps of the Indian subcontinent's history and geography, and in this way illustrating India's complicated religious and linguistic diversity, traditions, customs, and art styles for a better understanding of folktales.

The text is complemented by watercolor illustrations which succeed in rendering the enchanting atmosphere of the Orient. Manuale del cacciatore di fantasmi Handbook for ghost-hunters Firenze: The book includes short tales, legends, traditions, tricks and games for parties, all related to horror. Fear in all its forms place, sound, color is faced, showing that you can have fun with it.


The black-and-white pendrawings capture important moments of suspense and drama. Cinema segreto Filming secrets Firenze: With Sara's father's video camera they decide to make a movie about their families' everyday life. Unknown to everyone, the two girls film, among other things, Sara's sister running away from home, her boyfriend in love with an older woman or a party of Sara's parents.

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The girls spy on grown-ups and reveal their secret and hypocritical behaviors, collecting the evidence in a new form of audio-video-electronic diary. The author's appealing use of language, imitating the idiom spoken by today's teenagers, achieves highly witty effects. Guidone Mangiaterra e gli sporcaccioni Guidone the Earth-eater and the filthy slobs Casale Monferrato: In search of a good doctor, the much underestimated little Guidone sets off on an adventurous journey full of unexpected encounters, dramatic moments and Sporcaccioni's evil traps. The tale belongs to the fantasy genre, with a prince, an enchanted beauty, a strange witch and a wicked wizard who resemble the characters of classical fairy tales.

The author brings together with proportion and gaiety figures from the folklore of Italy's different regions in a felicitous combination of prose and verse.

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But his hope for a dangerous adventure is fulfilled when he becomes suspicious of a boat's illegal cargo and the strange signals coming from a mysterious villa. When he starts to investigate, Dario gets into trouble and his father's vineyards are set on fire, forcing him to face up to the reality of organized crime. This is a story of kidnapping but also of initiation into adulthood, the time to face one's parents and forgive their failures.

Dalle caverne ai grattacieli. Gli italiani e l'ambiente From caves to skyscrapers. Italians and the environment Roma: Giving an interesting historical overview, this work also shows how to lead a more natural and respectful lifestyle. Even if we cannot turn back the course of time and disassemble our high-tech world, the author maintains that it is possible to halt the future destruction of nature.

The drawings by Maugeri that complement the text have a touch of irony that encourages understanding and reflection. Marmellata di basilico Basil jam Trieste: Le letture; ISBN Liguria - Village life - Tradition - School holidays - Grandmother - Environmental awareness Giulia spends her summer holidays with her grandmother in a fishing village with cottages encircled by thick green foliage laying below hills that drop to the sea dotted with many islets.

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In her imagination she sees also pirates and treasures to hunt. This is a short, witty and well-crafted tale of daydreams and wishes, which mixes realistic description with fantastic visions. It also features the conspiratorial tie between grandparents and grandchildren. Pencil drawings with joyful and captivating simplicity accompany the text.

Ranocchi a merenda Frogs for snacks Casale Monferrato: But the poor frogs complained bitterly because, though they had the appearance of human beings, they still ate gnats and were unable to speak. At last one clever frog invited her to turn herself into a frog and join him in the pond. She did and they lived happily ever after.

Storie da ridere.... e da piangere (Italian Edition)

The amusing illustrations successfully harmonize with the author's singular, fluent style. Using its sharp beak as a tool, it gets the shock of its life when a grinning crocodile suddenly peeps out of the shell. This is the essence of the simple story which is told in only a few pictures and summarized on the last page in three sentences. The expressiveness of the chalk-drawn illustrations of this small-sized board book are most impressive.

Lucia Scuderi reduces the story to its minimal elements. There is nothing more to see than a white chicken, an orange egg and a deep blue background. With no more than the perfectly captured postures and expressions of the chicken, the youngest reader will readily understand the plot. Il fantasma di Trastevere e altri racconti The ghost of Trastevere and other tales Firenze: In each story Rome is both setting and protagonist. With just the right balance between reality and imagination, each tale focuses on a real aspect of the city such as a statue, a famous person, or even the Pope , allowing the legends and glorious moments of ancient Rome resurface.

The historical and topographical information in these fantasy tales are well-matched by the pen-and-brush drawings depicting past and present scenes of Roman life. L'invenzione della Tavola Rotonda Camelot. The invention of the Round Table Firenze: Handing down the pen from one to the other, each character tells his own story and something of the others' from their own perspective.

The use of a diary-style narrative is a successful choice because it appeals to teenage readers. It allows the adventurous tales of the Arthurian cycle to be told with adolscent eyes and values, while also conveying historical, mythical and literary knowledge of the Middle Ages. Eroi, re, regine e altre rime Heroes, kings, queens and other rhymes Roma: With a light and ironical touch, using puns and pithy expressions, the author invites children to make their acquaintance with these internationally known figures from history, mythology, science and art.

This is a stimulating, enjoyable collection of verse, rhymed and unrhymed. Noteworthy are the black-and-white drawings which complement the text, highlighting its sharpness and lyricism. Le 3 chiavi The 3 keys Milano: Along the way he learns some things that shake his glowing image of his father. But three mysterious keys, which also have metamorphic significance, help to solve the dilemma and resolve his feelings: The chronicle style narrative is structured as a thriller with plenty of suspense. Her family thinks that her absent-minded and dreamy behavior comes from her passion for comics and don't notice that the fog that seems to surround her existence is due to something else.

Only when Clara's teacher discovers that she has a mild case of myopia does she get a pair of glasses that helps to solve this problem.

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This is an attractive story set between fantasy and reality, where the comic strip characters come out of the pages and chat with the child. The black-and-white sketches stimulate the reader's imagination. L'isola del tempo perso The island of lost time Firenze: This is a fantastic place where they encounter all sorts of things that are often lost on earth: This story is full of ingenious narrative tricks and suspense, complemented by excellent pen-and-ink drawings.

La terribile storia de Nerone The terrible tale of Nero Bari: The most important stations in the emperor's life and career are set in the context of historical and cultural events, giving insight into his identity as a politician, poet and musician. Luzzati's colorful illustrations are daring and graphically experimental, done in caustic, clashing colors which heighten the dramatic power of the narrative, underlining Nero's cruelty. Because she never liked school, she now works as an apprentice at a hairdresser's shop and hopes to have her own beauty salon one day. The narrative's strength lies in its witty real-life dialogues and inner monologues, studded with an adolescent's hopes, conflicts and desires.

The underlying message for the young reader suggests that one should not understimate a person's abilities to make the most of his life and talents. Il cane che ebbe tre nomi The dog that had three names Casale Monferrato: Though Lancillot becomes her best friend, the dog is turned out one day by her parents because it always comes home dirty.

Lancillot sets off on a long series of adventures during which he experiences the marvels of nature of this sparsely inhabited continent. The cheerful, entertaining story closes on a happy note when Geneve and Lancillot meet again after many years. The attractive layout with warmly colored pictures captures the main events and the charm of the main character.

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La coda degli autosauri The long line of autosaurs Casale Monferrato: Stuck in this huge traffic jam for twenty days with his family, suspended in time and space, Edoardo writes down in his diary all the extraordinary things that take place, such as his encounter with Mr.

Leonardo, an eccentric scientist who descends from the sky with a hang glider.

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The story ends when the family decides to abandon their car and continue by foot, now finally aware of the need to reduce the automobile's domination over the cities and over their lives. This is an absorbing novel full of real-life dialogues and inner monologues, skilfully showing that children can be quite perceptive in their analysis of the adult world. The author's vivid, engaging and ironical style is an excellent match for the immediacy of the narrative.

Dammi un whisky, Samanta! Bring me a whisky, Samanta! Ivan and Samanta have just such an experience when their parents suddenly spend the whole day playing with toys and watching cartoons on television. Forced into a reversal of roles, the two children must take care of the housekeeping, shopping and deal with naughty parents. The author succeeds in caricaturing a contemporary family's lifestyle with wit and subtle hyperbole.