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I usually plan my international trips in the fall or winter so I can get away from the brtual underdegree weather of an LA winter. I LOVE that city — so full of life and music. Stoli: How did you get the name — Wendy Sweetlove — and how did it fit with your sound? I used to sing in this fabulously dirty comedic band with my good friend and performance mastermind, Ro Chambeaux. We had all of these ridiculous dance moves and costume changes — it was a blast. Now most of my friends and family call me Sweetlove and it makes me happy — I love having a alter ego — I think it makes me braver and freer on stage.

Stoli: You have been in music for many years, what happened that made you decide it was time to go solo? I always wanted to be a solo artist, but I was really inexperienced when I moved to Hollywood and I hardly knew anyone. So I just started taking everything that was offered to me and I made sure I was reliable and prepared every time and eventually I started getting calls and getting offered spots of my own.

And now I think that working with other people is not only way more fun, it makes me a much better writer and artist. Even for this record, it took someone really believing in me and being willing to be a partner with me in this project my friend, co-writer and guitar player Ido Sasson that gave me the courage to really put everything I had into this record.

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Stoli: You did work as a backup vocalist for some time. Who did you love to work with and what did you learn from them? There were times when I would almost forget to sing when I was backing him because I was so enraptured by his talent.

I learned from Levi how important it is to be committed to your music and to really work on mastering your craft to make it look effortless. My favorite person to sing with is Joan Jones — she is an amazing recording artist, singer and songwriter and she has been a true friend to me. From Joan I learned that you can be a good and generous person and still make amazing, beautiful music. My music partner and guitar player extraordinaire, Ido Sasson, and I decided to make a record and started writing songs for it almost 2 years ago.

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When we found our amazing producer, Drew Sherrod, and really started rehearsals in earnest it was about 15 months ago. Orlando got me my first professional backing singer gig and Come to Momma was one of the first songs I ever wrote. This album, Dirty Sunday, is dedicated to him. However, as a thanks to your readers and fans for reading this far, I would love to send a free preview track from the record to any of your readers that go to my website, wendysweetlove. Vanessa knew she could count on Mia like no one else in the world, and that safety net allowed her to handle the tension between her and her family with much more confidence and panache.

Maybe, with Mia's business savvy and Vanessa's sugary concoctions, they wouldn't have to struggle so much someday. Maybe this party could be the beginning of healing and understanding with her family.

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Oh, yeah, and maybe the man of her dreams was going to pop out from behind the fruit bowl and whisk her to his castle in the sky. Lucas Broussard prowled the edges of the room, knowing he'd have to endure many more of these things if he was going to be accepted in this city. Networking in his profession was a necessity. A sacrifice, like so many others, he'd just have to buckle down and endure.

Were they all genetically programmed for this stuff? Small talk, gossip, bragging.

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Trophy wives and pedigreed family trees. At least, though his mistakes and faux pas were many, he'd never been accused of boring his audience to death. As expected, and like everyone else, he'd flashed his Rolex.

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He wore a custom-made designer suit. He'd made plenty of money as a respected attorney, even if the money was a little too new to be decent and his tactics were sneered at by some. He held his champagne glass by the stem. All in all, he'd much rather snag that hot blonde in the red dress, a bottle of whiskey and head home. See All Customer Reviews. Shop Books. Read an excerpt of this book! Add to Wishlist. USD 3.

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Overview Nothing tastes sweeter than forbidden fruit. And Lucas Broussard has forbidden written all over him. Socialite dropout Vanessa Douglas should know, because she's got a kindred spirit. Despite how alluring he is, Vanessa really must resist. After all, her fledgling catering business depends on being welcomed back into the family fold It's an entrepreneur's dream, even though toeing the social line is a tad, uh, restrictive.

Still, a single night with Lucas won't be her downfall, will it? Surely she could indulge just this once, then return to playing good girl in the morning. Too bad once is not enough with this man. And even more devastating than his bedroom charm are the secrets he's about to reveal The author of thirty books, she writes full-time from her home in South Carolina, where she lives with her husband, two daughters and an energetic Shih Tzu named Cody. She can be reached via her website, www.

Or follow her on Twitter wendyeth. And hardly anybody under forty. We could use it.

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Rejection of her efforts was rare. Would you like to dance? Show More.

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